New and Improved Blog: Easier to ‘Follow’ by Email, Crisper Design, Other Updates

Having only worked in Web publishing since the mid 1990s, it took me a minute to figure out some of the finer points of WordPress blogging and make some improvements to this still-new blog (established December 2013). OK, when I say “a minute,” I mean a few weeks. It’s possible that holiday festivities — shopping, eating, loafing — intervened. Also, for years I used Typepad to blog at various jobs, so WordPress is still new to me. And, though I like the platform, I’d rather not pay for some of its finest “finer points,” so I’m making do with the free stuff for now.

In the Improvements for January 2014 Department, I selected a preferable design (theme). And, thanks to a question from a family member, I realized I hadn’t even added a widget allowing readers to type in their email addresses and receive posts by email. It’s there now, a ways down the right-hand column on each page, just above “about me.” Previously, only those signed up with WordPress could “follow” the blog. I added a number of my water-themed photographs from trips to Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Switzerland so that each page viewed will load a new image. And I built upon my Water Facts and Water Resources lists, with plans to try to make them more visual in the future. Finally, I added a link to my Twitter feed, @atthewaterline, to the About the Blog page, so that people can follow developments that way.

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